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Sentinel Tech specializes in hospitality technology in all forms. We know how complex it can be to choose, set up and manage the best options from the vast array of hotel technology available. We’re here to find cutting edge technology and make it simple, reliable and cost-efficient for your hotel or business.

Get all your hotel tech here<br/><span>All in one place</span>

Skip the costly trial and error process, we’ve done it for you already

We've gone through the trial and error process of finding the best technology that actually works in a hotel environment and we’ve rolled out this tech to more than 150 hotels - tried, proven and trusted!

Skip the <span>costly trial and error</span> process, we’ve done it for you already
We’re an <span>Indonesian company!</span>

We’re an Indonesian company!

That means we understand how Indonesia works, we speak Indonesian and we have Indonesian bank accounts - don’t waste your money on a dozen+ wire transfer fees to third party vendors every month, pay directly to our Indonesian PT’s bank account (BCA) and we’ll absorb all the wire transfer fees and hassle of paying a dozen+ foreign vendors every month.

Hotel Booking Engine

All hotels are looking to avoid paying huge commissions to OTAs, but in order to be successful in driving bookings to your hotel directly (without commissions), you need to make sure you have a great booking engine; otherwise all the direct marketing in the world doesn’t matter - we’ve had great success with SimpleBooking driving more than $1 million worth of bookings through our booking engine with our partner hotels per month. Let us help you fight for more direct business!

Hotel <span>Booking Engine</span>

Google Workspace
Office Productivity Tools

All businesses need simple, straightforward and reliable email and collaboration tools that can work anywhere. Your customers put a lot of trust in you to keep their data safe - so use the best in the business! Google is widely known as the most technically savvy company on the planet and GMail is the most widely used email client in the world.  The Google Workspace product has proven to be the best choice for our clients so far.

Our team has been using Google's business email and collaboration tools since 2007!  Let us handle the complexities of setting up Google Workspace; DNS settings, compliance settings, spam settings, spoofing and phishing prevention, and more for you - we might even find a way to save you money at the same time!

<span>Google Workspace </span><br>Office Productivity Tools

Channel Manager

RezGain, RateGain’s hotel distribution channel management software product helps you manage your online distribution in one place. With over 1500+ channels, RateGain connects you with travelers all across the world that help achieve global distribution for hotel inventory. Maximize your visibility on global and local OTAs to ensure you attract travelers no matter where they’re shopping. RateGain’s intuitive interface helps you manage availability, rates, and inventory without logging into each extranet.

Channel <span>Manager</span>

Sentec Property Management System

Our partners have been trying for years and years to find a great PMS, running on modern super reliable, cost-efficient technology, that ticks all the boxes our hotels need without costing us fortune. Unfortunately after spending more than we'd like on trial and error with third parties, and learning a ton along the way, we’ve decided we’re going to build one ourselves. Please stay tuned, internal builds are turning out great already!

<span>Sentec</span> Property Management System

Cloud Servers / Infrastructure

We can help evaluate whether it would make sense for your specific hotel to move your servers to the cloud and all the implementation complexities that might cause issues down the road. Lots of hotels want to be cloud-native these days, which we’ve also had great success with.

<span>Cloud Servers</span> / Infrastructure

Hotel Networking and WiFi

Hotels can be some of the most challenging environments to operate WiFi in - guests are bringing more and more devices they want to connect with and they’re not just browsing websites anymore, the whole family wants to stream HD videos and do video chats. Doing this in a secure, reliable, but easy to use way can be a challenge - let us take care of this headache for you.

<span>Hotel</span> Networking and WiFi
Company Overview

Company Overview

PT. Sentinel Tech was born out of the hospitality industry by technologists inside the hospitality industry. Over the years it became increasingly clear that we could significantly reduce headaches, wasted money and provide value to the marketplace that wasn’t being adequately fulfilled by other third parties.

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